Nice Things People Say

Jeffrey Trimble – Deputy Director, International Broadcasting Bureau (2012-2018):

Doug brings an unrelenting, steady determination to further the mission of the BBG through his work. He came to BBG after a successful career in commercial media, and has proven to be skillful in navigating the sometimes difficult course through the competing interests of the various marketplaces in which we operate; the needs of stakeholders, audiences, and affiliates.

Doug speaks his mind. That he can challenge the status quo in a forthright manner is…entirely appropriate – vital, even – in a media organization.

Richard Lobo – Director, International Broadcasting Bureau (2010-2013):

The fact that (VOA programmers) now comfortably use marketing jargon such as ‘Unique Proposition,” along with ‘Targeted Audiences,’ and ‘Bounce Rate’ indicates that…that message is starting to stick, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Boynton and his staff.

Adam Gartner – Regional Marketing Director, International Broadcasting Bureau, 2004-Present:

What can I do to help you succeed?” Those were some of the first words Doug said to me in our first formal meeting. Needless to say, I answered his question and he has been helping me succeed in my work to this day.

Doug has always backed me up as a mentor, a motivator and, when necessary, as a worthy devil’s advocate. I’ve drawn on his years of experience nearly every workday for the past 15 years. He’s always curious about the next big trends in media and technology but is firmly grounded in the reality of what works.

Perhaps most importantly, Doug does deals. He hits the road, meets people, cultivates relationships and finds ways to work together. If for some reason he’s not the guy to do the deal, he finds someone who can. Doug always gets it done.

Rebecca Robles – International Broadcasting Bureau, Africa Marketing Representative, 2010-2016:

One of his qualities was to arrive in a country and listen to those of us who worked in the field. He asked questions and gave suggestions; always open to learning but also giving guidance in the best way forward. I learned a lot from Doug regarding the marketing field but also in being a good leader.

Tracy Gary – Metro Networks On-Air Talent, Airborne Traffic Reporter:

He always had an open door and did his best to take care of any issues. He made it a pleasure to work there. It says a lot for a boss when your employees are still friends with you after 18 years. Doug’s a wonderful man.

Ken Johnson – Producer, WNIS, 1988-2003:

Doug made it very easy to take the reins as News Director at WNIS since he had established not only a well-run operation but had also established enormous news credibility in the community and with the networks. The same can be said for his work at Metro Networks, where he helped to establish one of the most successful operations in the company. He continues to exemplify not just hard work, but purely quality work, and I consider him a true mentor and friend.

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