Somewhere After Midnight – Part One, Chapter One

Chapter One

“Brad?  Brad, wake up.”  I can hear a man, crying.  And I hear buzzing.  Emily is speaking to me.  My head hurts.  She’s patting my cheek.  She keeps patting my cheek.  I want her to stop.

“Stop,” I say.

I open my eyes, pull my head away.  Emily Chin is over me, looking down.  A man is crying.  I can hear a man crying.

“This is about all the excitement I can take for one evening,” Emily says.

“What’s going on?”

“You were out for a while.  Here.  Can you get up?  Stuff is going on, and you’ve got to get into this game.”

She puts her hand under my back, and helps me into a sitting position.  My head hurts.  The buzzing has stopped.  We are in my house, the duplex I share with Emily – me up, her down.  The clock says two o’clock.  Sunday morning?   I think so.

Out on the deck, Bobby Whitehurst is sitting in one of the big lounge chairs, sobbing.  My head hurts.

“Why is Bobby crying,” I say.  “What happened?”

Emily frowns.  “You don’t remember.”

“If I remembered, I wouldn’t be asking.” Continue Reading